Eric Strom

intuitive artist - creative consultant - energy work




Eric Strom

intuitive artist - creative consultant - energy work

As we step onto the mat of our lives,
All we can do is create,
Every moment is a moment of creation,
Every choice is a moment of creation,
Every engagement is a moment of creation,
How we carry ourselves,
The ability to love and be loved is a moment of creation,
To find grace within the simplicity of our lives,
Is a moment of creation,
To become adrift and alive in the flow of our creation,
Will be the savior of these times,
You are the creator of your own canvas,
Now go live out your masterpiece.

- Eric Strom



Eric Strom is an intuitive artist and digital illustrator whose mission is centered around the ability to lead and inspire a healthy, creative and authentic life.

One that’s filled with presence, compassion and acknowledgment of our uniquely divine blueprint and the importance it has in our world. His hope is that we can learn to figure out our differences through our experience of art. That art can become the bridge into elevated states of consciousness where all perspectives can be welcomed, held and supported.

To collectively unite ourselves as a human race, understanding that we are all in this together and have something of value to contribute. Our creative expression being one aspect.

Eric’s journey began back in 2009 as an aspiring actor, leaving behind the projected path of success and expectation. After moving from Los Angeles to New York City to find a way to break into the acting scene, he had a chance encounter with world renowned psychic medium, Thomas John, that shifted the course of events in his life to come.

Eric began to develop a deep curiosity about what existed beyond just the physical plane to life, as new questions started to emerge within him.  

Who am I? What does all this mean?
There was a deep need to create meaning out of what seemed like a chaotic world. A spiritual seed began to give way. As he started to explore sacred texts, practicing yoga and breath work, meeting with other psychics and healers, working with shamans and energy workers, he began to recognize the importance of intuition.

As he began to trust and evolve his own, Eric began to develop himself as a self taught artist, tapping into a flow state of possibility. A state where the result was unknown but the journey in and of itself carried an intelligence that was able to bind it all together.

That the abstract world of his imagination could naturally come together in a fluid and graceful way once he allowed his mind to release all expectations.  Through the process of letting go, his art began to take on a new form that could impact the psyche in a unique way.  That the  viewer was given the freedom to tell a story through his artwork which reflected back a part of their own consciousness, revealing how we choose to shape our own reality through the meaning that we assign it.

His art is used as a tool to exemplify the responsibility we each have to shape our own reality.  By becoming more self aware of that process, we become even more powerful creators.  To shift or perception, is to shift our reality.  To shift our reality, is to shift our well being.  May we all find a way to create peace within ourselves and the world around us.


"Eric was able to scan my body and figure out where the blockages were. He shared some insight on what might have created them and he was absolutely right! I now have more clarity thanks to him."
- John Tew, Celebrity Skincare Specialist

After hearing Eric talk about his art and seeing how beautiful it was, I knew I wanted him to create me something. The design was even more than I ever could’ve dreamed. We only talked for a little while about why I wanted the eye, what it represented to me, and things like that. But when he showed me what he came up with from what I’ve told him and what it looks like, I could not be happier.
- Paige Carlovsky, Yoga Instructor

"I highly recommend Eric as a healer and energy worker. He is incredibly professional and very talented. If you’re dealing with anything challenging in your life, wanting to get to the next level personally or professionally, or maybe you just want to get more in tune with yourself, I suggest booking a session with Eric!"
- Lauren Salaun, Health & Wellness Expert, Coach & Influencer


Creative consultation

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Words have the capacity to speak to our minds while pictures carry the language to our souls.  The images that we use to represent our products, our lives, our beliefs, and our values are delicate in that they represent who we are on a feeling level.  Eric offers a service that helps you to identify what your vision is and build an image around it, that intuitively aligns with your intentions.  During a creative consultation, Eric takes time to understand what you’re trying to build and the the meaning behind it.  Afterwards, he’ll create an intuitive sketch of what was discussed and use it as a tool to further define and shape the image you want.  The end result being a unique symbol that carries the vibration of you.

Please Contact for Free Consultation

$200 per image*

*prices may vary depending on the depth of the project

Energy Work

Presence is the key to self awareness. Self awareness is the tool toward realization.  In order to recognize unhealthy patterns in our lives we must operate from a level of awareness that can witness its occurrence in an objective way, which can empower us  to change. During a hour-long session with Eric, he uses certain esoteric tools, including astrology and human design to intuitively interpret specific strengths, weaknesses and patterns that may be coming up in a clients life. Through this understanding, he provides an energetic treatment that aligns the chakra system into balance inviting a deeper state of presence and clarity.  Various treatments include breathwork, meditation, eye gazing, reiki and tantric practices.

$100 per session**

**time of birth/date/place is required for the most accurate chart analysis


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Eric has worked on film, television and stages across the country. Stay tuned for updates!


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*Eric is also available for speaking engagements and open to artistic collaborations.